Junior Tournament Rules

The Anthracite Golf Association conducts tournaments for the enjoyment of
its participants so players and spectators please abide by the following rules.

Code of Conduct
Players will be in violation of Code of Conduct if they engage in abusive language, club throwing, disrespect of volunteers or officials, abuse of the golf course and its staff, leaving the course during a round without permission of an official, vandalism of any kind, failure to follow the dress code, or any conduct which conflicts with upholding the traditions of the game of golf.

Dress Code
Players are required to dress appropriately for the golf course. Blue jeans, short shorts, and tank tops are considered inappropriate. Anyone attired in such a manner will not be allowed to participate in an Association event.
USGA Rules Govern all play except where modified by local rules.

DIVISION I - 18 Hole Tournaments

DIVISION II - 9 Hole Tournaments

Pace of Play (expected pace of play listed on each players scorecard)
The Anthracite Golf Association conducts competitions for the enjoyment of participants. When play slows to an uncomfortable pace, the enjoyment is lessened for all the players. Therefore, the following will be in effect:
Players will be expected to play at the pace announced on the first tee. The pace will be monitored by officials.
A group is “out of position” when upon arriving at the next tee, it meets both the following criteria:
a. The elapsed time par for the round on a per hole basis, exceeds the allotted time in which all groups are expected to play.
b. There is an open par three or par four ahead, or all of the preceding group is on the green of the par five hole ahead.
Penalty for Breach of Rule 6-7
One bad timing of more than 40 seconds – warning
A second bad timing - one stroke penalty
A third bad timing - additional 2 stroke penalty
A fourth bad timing - disqualification

*Parents/Spectators are not allowed to give advice or talk to players during the round and must remain on the cart paths during the duration of the round. This is the player’s responsibility to notify anyone following his or her group.

1stwarning given to all players on #1 Tee
2ndoffense the player will be removed from the golf course.

*Respect the golf course, replace your divots, rake the sand bunkers, and repair your ball marks.

*Return all scorecards to the scoring area, signed & attested by all players in your group.

*Absolutely no cell phones will be permitted during the course of play, violation will result in disqualification.

Tournament Results and Information can be found online at WWW.ANTHRACITEGOLF.ORG

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