Frank Kacvinsky & Ken Sames combine to capture 2017 AGA Modified Stableford Title

Shavertown, PA – Wednesday, April 19th at Hunstville Golf Club, the 2017 Anthracite Golf Association tournament season got underway with 100 golfers competed in the annual AGA Stableford Tournament. The event consisted of two divisions: Open and Senior. Winners were determined by points awarded on each hole for bogeys (1point) pars (2 points), birdies (4 points) and eagles (6 points).
Elhurst Country Club's Frank Kacvinsky and Ken Sames (48pts) teamed up to edge out Wyoming Valley Country Club's Art Brun Jr. and Joe Weiscarger (48pts) on a match-of-cards to win Open Division title.  Kacvinsky and Sames combined for 7 birdies, 2 bogeys, and 9 pars on the day.
In the Senior Division Scranton Muni's Bob Andrejko and Chris “Skeeter” Mathewson combined to capture the title. The team had 4 birdies, 1 eagle, 1 bogey, and 12 pars for a total of 47 points.
The Anthracite Golf Association would like to thank host Huntsville Golf Club and its staff. Please check us out on facebook for additional news and photos from the Modified Stableford Tournament.

Open Division
Frank Kacvinsky; Kenneth Sames – 48pts
Joe Weiscarger; Art Brunn Jr.- 48pts
Patrick Mitchell; Christian Davis – 46pts
Eric Williams; Wayne Stephens - 44pts
Tyler McGarry; Mike Haley - 43pts
Matt Dougherty – Vince Scarpetta III – 42pts
Matt Cuddy; Earl Thompson - 41pts
Frank Pinnacoli; Alex Anderson - 40pts
Jason Barkley; Todd Vonderheid - 40pts
Dom Castrignano; Gary Sagan Jr. - 40pts
Jim Gardas; Joe Adams – 39pts
Jay Vasil; Eamon Evans - 39pts
Kevin Rossi; Josh Johnson – 38pts
John Henry; Marty Behm 38pts
Jim Bedford Sr.; Jim Bedford - 37pts
Frank Schiel Jr.; Tom Biscotti – 37pts
Ken Bolcavage; Curtis Haley - 36pts
Paul Gruzeski; Timis Roscoe – 36pts
Bob Crofton; Bob Stott – 35pts
Stephen Hudacek; Chas Dennis – 34pts
Doug Nardella; Lou Nardella - 34pts
Bill Ianieri; Jay Salemi – 34pts
Joe Graham; Tim Anderson - 33pts
Marty Wilbur; Damian LaRue - 32pts
Mike Sokoloski; Bob Pipcho – 32pts
Brad Flickinger; Jason Walsh - 31pts
Brian Balutis; Paul Skrip - 30pts
J.T. Coyne; Ralph Steeves - 29pts
Floyd Bowen; Bill Pabst – 25pts
George Buckley; Jason Collins - 14pts

Senior Division
Bob Andrejko - Chris Mathewson – 47pts
Charlie Gelso; Brian Corbett - 44pts
Mark Bartkowski; Mike Bartkowski – 44pts
Chuck Brand; Jim Breck – 42pts
Jim Fronzoni; Bill Lydick – 37pts
Robin Bonda; Mike Peregrim - 36pts
Ken Nestor; Walter Mikucki – 35pts
Dennis Harding; Mike Piorkowski – 35pts
Mark Occhipinti; Tim Hinton - 34pts
John Tolerico; Mike Heck – 34pts
Matt Froncek; John Zavada - 34pts
Pat Mirabelle; Jerry Stankiewicz - 33pts
James Welsch; Jeff Ziegler - 31pts
Randy Cleary; George Travis – 29pts
Ron Pokrinchak; Tom Gauntlett - 29pts
Walter Bobola; John Peck - 27pts
Eugene Lee; Ed Casey - 28pts
Bill Lawler; Dan Pavlico - 27pts
Rich Domozych; Bill Strong - 27pts
Rich Gammaitoni; Jeff Charnogursky - 24pts
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