Past Scholarship Winners

The Anthracite Golf Association has selected the following golfers to receive our various scholarships.  The scholarships range from $500 - $3000.
The criteria for selection is based on:
  • Participation on the AGA Junior Tour
  • Participation on the high school golf team (if applicable)
  • Academic standing
  • Acceptance to an institution of higher learning
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Evidence of community and school involvement, etc.
  • Applicant’s letter to the AGA

Scarpetta Scholarship

Year Name School
2016 Josh Toth North Pocono
2015 Tyler McGarry Pittston Area
2014 Emily Okrepkie Holy Cross
2013 Gregory Reeves Lakeland
2012 Michael Kussoff Honesdale
2011 Michael Napkori Holy Redeemer
2010 Benjamin Krempasky Honesdale
2009 James Bresnahan Wyoming Area
2008 Alex Pompey  Scranton Prep
2007 Matthew Baker Abington Heights
2006 Laura Heck Forest City Regional
2005 Jason Stankiewicz  Coughlin
2004 Nick Paone Valley View
2003 Dave Osborne Sacred Heart
2002 Chris Yonki Pittston Area
2001 Emily Foran Wyoming Seminary

Art Wall, Jr.

Year Name School
2016 Matthew Mecca Abington Heights
2015 John Pillar Jr. Wallenpaupack
2014 William Dombroski Crestwood
2013 Selena Cerra Holy Cross
2012 Mark Paradise North Pocono
2011 Kyle Williams Scranton Prepatory
2010 Ellen Ceresko North Pocono
2009 Michael Genello West Scranton
2008 Kyle Tasselmyer Honesdale
2007 Sean Hirschler Abington Heights
2006 Sasha Bozic Honesdale
2006 J.C. Cardamone Dunmore
2005 P.J. O'Brien Abington Heights
2004 Kevin Busteed Valley View
2004 Mike Stranburgh Montrose
2003 Justin Boyer GAR
2002 Robbie Hotchkiss Elk Lake


Year Name School
2016 Sahas Chandrigari Abington Heights
2016 Colin Florey Abington Heights
2016 Alexis Wyandt Dallas
2015 Lauren Wallis Scranton Preparatory
2014 Matt Dalo Berwick
2014 Sean Soltysiak Tunhannock
2013 Brian Bridge Berwick
2013 Eric Miller Wallenpaupack
2013 Kevin Nardella North Pocono
2013 Ryan Tracy Pittston Area
2012 Corey Palma Old Forge
2012 Taylor Reeves Lakeland
2012 Bridget Simons Honesdale
2012 Thomas Tidey Dallas
2011 Elizabeth Cosgrove Scranton Preparatory
2011 Anthony Knight North Pocono
2011 Corey Teeple Western Wayne
2011 Michael Long Old Forge
2011 Cody Dirlam Honesdale
2010 Stephanie Breslin Scranton Preparatory
2010 Connor Coldwater Abington Heights
2010 Shelby Hart Scranton Preparatory
2010 John Henry Wyoming Seminary
2010 Alex Howe Western Wayne
2010 Matt Kachurak Crestwood Area
2010 Adam Rogers Honesdale
2010 Nicholas Tristani Marian Catholic
2010 Shane Yeager Southern Columbia
2009 Tyler Ferratti Wallenpaupack
2009 Andrew Cliff Honesdale
2008 John Stolan Old Forge
2007 Jeffrey Clemente Bishop Hoban
2007 Ryan Besket North Pocono
2007 Nicholas Kochis North Pocono
2006 A.J. Nobile Wyoming Seminary
2006 Chris Opeila North Pocono
2006 Brittany Prater Dallas
2006 Casey Sauerwine Crestwood
2005 Jason Lucarelli North Pocono
2005 Matt Mileski Bishop Hoban
2005 Bryan Marzolino Dunmore
2005 Joe Klobusicky Valley View
2004 Adam Atkinson Wyoming Area
2004 Kristina Erat Tunkhannock
2004 Matt Lehman Crestwood
2004 Zack Tamblyn Honesdale
2003 Chris Boyle Wyoming Seminary
2003 Mike Hischak Wyoming Valley West
2003 Eric Biscontini Bishop Hannan
2003 Adam Ceresko North Pocono
2003 Chris Lynn Bishop O'Reilly
2002 Aaron Yorkonis Bishop O'Reilly
2002 Mitch Marino Abington Heights
2002 Jason Menichetti Valley View
2002 Corey McAlarney Mid Valley
2002 Jeff Tamblyn Honesdale
2001 William Geiger Meyers
2001 Greg Pieczynski Wyoming Valley West
2001 Scott Sanderson Scranton Prep
2001 Mark Sciabacucchi Seton Catholic
2001 Lauren Zefran Forest City Regional

Francis Gunner Hayes

Year Name School
2016 John Hawley Crestwood
2015 Jason Dotzel Crestwood
2014 Courtney Melvin Wyoming Area
2013 Zachary Mulhern Wyoming Area
2012 Brandon Matthews Pittston Area
2011 Matt Lewis Abington Heights
2010 Christopher Lucarelli North Pocono
2009 Wade Malicky Forest City
2008 Kevin Boyle Wyoming Seminary
2007 Rob Glycenfer Wyoming Area
2006 Ken Moules Wyoming Valley West
2005 Stephen Hudacek Scranton Prep

Anna Violanti Memorial

Year Name School
2013 Danielle Dalessandro Scranton Prep
2012 Amanda Reach North Pocono
2011 Kelsey Swift Valley View
2010 Jodi Wallis Carbondale Area
2008 Stephanie Pisko North Pocono
2007 Jessica Rydzewski Wyoming Area
2006 Renee Pilch Valley View
2005 Molly Gorman Wyoming Valley West
2004 Marissa Brennan Valley View
2003 Holly Shubilla GAR

Scott Saunders Memorial

Year Name School
2016 Sam MacGregor Abington Heights
2015 Harrison Rapp Holy Cross
2014 Connor Knight North Pocono
2013 William Swisher Abington Heights
2012 Eric Montella Abington Heights
2011 David Mecca Abington Heights
2010 Brian Mahlsedt Jr. Abington Heights
2009 Brandon Kearney Holy Cross
2008 John O'Brien Abington Heights
2007 David Peslak Valley View

Frank O'Neil Jr. Memorial

Year Name School
2016 Thomas Keegan Scranton Preparatory
2015 Adam Leasure Riverside
2014 John Barone Dunmore
2013 Brent Christy Tunhannock
2012 Kevin Karabin Western Wayne
2011 Donald DeRemer Holy Redeemer
2010 Pat Ross Dunmore
2009 John Kelly Dunmore
2008 Harry O'Neill

Dennis Corvo Scholarship

Year Name School
2016 Kyle Bowen North Pocono
2015 Terry Hurst Jr. Abington Heights
2014 Anthony Sebastianelli Abington Heights
2013 Michael Thomas Lakeland

AGA Executive Committee Scholarship

Year Name School
2016 Molly Mowatt Wallenpaupack
2015 Ryan Krechel Notre Dame
2014 Michael Boland Holy Redeemer
Adam Slamas Memorial Scholarship
Year Name School
2014 Austin Renz Danville
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